Representation and Consultation

SCIL has been directly involved with a number of consultations, meetings and events on issues (local and national) affecting disabled people However we often receive news from other organisations about representation and consultations events which might be of interest to disabled people in Sheffield, though SCIL is not directly involved.

Most public bodies have a legal duty to consult with disabled people. Whenever a new service is being developed, or an existing service is reviewing its practice, SCIL would encourage the service provider to seek the opinion of those using that service. (this is often referred to as a stakeholder event). This is where you, as a customer or service user, have your say about any proposed ideas before they are put into practice. SCIL has been commissioned to facilitate consultations, and has worked alongside other organisations, or statutory bodies, on other consultations. SCIL can advise organisations and individuals about the costs involved in facilitating this process which normally include travel and reward/recognition payments.

Those sending information to us include national bodies such as the Office for Disability Issues, or government departments such as the Department for Transport. Or it may be bodies in Sheffield such as Sheffield City Council, or Sheffield Primary Care Trust, or one of the many voluntary sector organisations in Sheffield.

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