Sheffield Centre for Independent Living

We are a membership and user led organisation, run and controlled by disabled people. We promote independent living for disabled people in Sheffield. By independent living we mean that disabled people have the same freedom and rights to exercise choice and control over their own lives as any other person.

Right to Control goes Live in Sheffield

The Office of Disability Issues has worked with disabled Sheffieldpeople to develop the Right to Control legislation. The government has selected a small number of local ‘ trailblazer ‘authorities to test out Right to Control. Sheffield is a joint trailblazer with Barnsley. In Sheffield the trailblazer is a partnership arrangement between adult social care at the Council, Jobcentre Plus and Sheffield Centre for Independent Living. Right to Control is a new legal right from 1st March 2011 in Sheffield for disabled people and people with long term health or mental health conditions over the age of 18. Right to Control gives disabled people more control over the help they need to access social care, housing related support and employment support services.

The specific ‘funding streams’ are:

  • Access to Work
  • Work Choice ( employment support services )
  • Adult Social Care services
  • Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Supporting People ( housing related support )
  • Independent Living Fund ( for existing clients )

Staff in the six funding streams and Right to Control partners will be working together to improve how they deliver support to disabled people to ensure that they have greater control over the support they receive from different services.

Having the Right to Control gives disabled people:

  • A simple ‘customer journey’, from assessment of your needs through to arranging your support.
  • Access to professionals and organisations to help you make decisions about your outcomes and support.
  • More choice over the support you can get with the money available to you.
  • Help with support planning.

The Right to Control booklet provides further information. Sheffield Centre for Independent Living will develop further information to support ‘ Right to Control ‘ for disabled people in Sheffield as the partnership develops.

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Marriage Rates among People with Disabilities

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Housing Choices for Young Adults with Disabilities

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Disability Rights Watch

Last year the UK government ratified the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. This forces UN member states to take active steps to ensure that the human rights of disabled people are respected. It is a very important and powerful process that affects all disabled people. It actively promotes equality and the inclusion of disabled people in society. The Convention, now signed, requires the UK government to change laws and policies, eliminate discrimination and actively consult with disabled people and their organizations. It covers a range of rights, including; the right to life, freedom from inhumane and… Read More »

Long Term Neurological Conditions (LTNC) Case Management Service

The Case Management Service (CMS) is a NEW community team dedicated to working closely with service users, service providers and other agencies in Sheffield to ensure people with LTNC have timely and appropriate professional support. The team will work with the individual, a professional or several service providers (both Health and Social Care) to facilitate change and help provide a seamless service. The aim of the team is to set up a register of all patients in Sheffield with a long term neurological condition, ensure a care plan for immediate and future needs is in place and assist in the… Read More »

Hidden Impairments E Learning Package

The Hidden Impairments National Group is developing an e-learning package on hidden impairments for use in the Yorkshire and Humber region of the NHS. It is anticipated that the e-learning package will be available for staff in a wide range of public facilities (eg hospitals, GP practices, prisons). The Hidden Impairments that the package is focused around are for people for who have dyspraxia, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome or autism. To enhance the learning the group would like to include patients’ or carers’ stories about their experiences in hospital in outpatients or inpatients – whether they be stories of good care… Read More »

Support the RNIB Campaign on Accessible Bus and Coach Travel

In early December the Royal National Institute for the Blind achieved some great results during European negotiations on legislation to provide new rights for disabled people when using buses and coaches across the EU. RNIB and other disability organisations across Europe have campaigned hard and the European Parliament and EU governments have now agreed to include in the proposed legislation: new rights on access to travel information before and during the journey and the obligation for all bus and coach drivers to take part in disability awareness training. In addition, there will be free assistance for disabled people at terminals and… Read More »

Meeting Point

Scope has launched a new online forum for young disabled people. This is a secure place to talk, share ideas and information and raise concerns with peers. The forum, Meeting Point, has been setup as part of Scope’s young people’s project Trendsetters, developed to highlight priorities for support and information and enabling young people to work with Scope to produce resources that will be available to other young disabled people facing similar challenges in their day to day lives. Meeting Point can be accessed via Scope’s website. On the forum you will find “day in the life of” videos, a… Read More »